How to be a Student Volunteer

During Operation Smile UAE events students assist by staffing our info stands, raising funds and educating the public about Operation Smile. Students also help with general event tasks.

Step by step progression:

  1. All students must complete and submit the online application form:
  2. Forms are reviewed to ensure that students fully understand the activities of Operation Smile. It is important that students can interact with the public and provide correct, appropriate information.
  3. He/she will be invited to attend the next induction workshop, held once a month.
  4. Once the student has passed the induction they will then start receiving emails regarding activities, events, workshops, presentations, etc.
  5. Students who go on to attend the Smile Ambassador training will be given priority for upcoming volunteering opportunities.



Induction Workshops & parent attendance:
The Induction Workshop is designed to inform potential student volunteers about Operation Smile; teach them about cleft conditions and treatment as well as explain student programs and the charity’s expectations of student volunteers.
Although it is not mandatory, we highly encourage parents to attend the induction workshop with the student volunteer applicant as we believe this can lead to a better relationship and better understanding of volunteering for everyone. If the parent/s are supportive and understand what is expected, students are more likely to adhere to their volunteering commitment and less likely to let their team down. We understand that students often need to rely on parents for transportation so it is imperative that everyone understands the importance of commitment.


Emailing (replying to invitations, volunteer calls):
In order to track conversations, avoid confusion and ensure fairness in response to volunteering opportunities, we require volunteers to respond to any emails they receive from Operation Smile Student Programs themselves. Students should not respond on behalf of a friend or anyone else.
All student volunteers are treated as individuals and must be responsible for their own correspondence and participation.

Please address emails to
*You may also need to check that your email server does not send some emails from this address to your ‘junk’ folder.


Process of volunteering with Operation Smile International:

High school students:

  • U Lead

Smaller regional conferences provide opportunities to learn more about the organization, develop ideas on how students can contribute and participate in team building activities developing leadership skills.

The annual conference is hosted in a different University campus around the world each year. It offers students an overview of Operation Smile’s work around the world and provides opportunities to listen to and interact with International Inspirational Speakers. Students learn leadership skills, develop self confidence, practice public speaking, collaborate on fundraising and awareness initiatives and share advice on club organization.

  • Mission Training Workshop

Students may apply for Mission Training after attending an ISLC and participating with Operation Smile for at least a year. The workshop is hosted biannually and prepares potential mission participants for their role as health care educators.


College / University Students:

Held annually, the Symposium is a skill-building, networking and engaging opportunity for student volunteers pursuing their undergraduate degrees.

College or University students are trained in journalism, photography and live blogging skills in order to capture and tell the story of a mission and our patients.

  • International Medical Mission – Student, Journalist